Reviews for "League of Evil"

Poor abused walls !

Cant stop playing it even though ive finished it many times. I get a sudden urge and have to speedrun from the first to the last level.

The controls are very responsive and the difficulty curb the first time through was damn near perfect. Whats really addictive is that even though the basis for the game (double-jumping and wall-jumping) is simple enough if you keep playing you keep getting better in a pretty linear manner.

When you get pretty good most levels take only 10-20 seconds to beat which is just great for replay value and instant gratification.

I yearn for more levels or a sequel !

Best Platformer i've Played in a LONG time

the difficulty is spot on and the art style and the frankly amazing music is what makes this the number 1 platformer

Ps it reminds me of Mega Man ^^

Absolutely brilliant game

This is the perfect type of flash game! It sorta reminds me of meatboy, not in gameplay or style but in spirit.

It's challenging without being frustrating. It's deep without being too time consuming; you can chip away at it, doing a few levels a night. And above all, it's damn fun and damn addicting! It definitely has that "one more go" thing about it.

Can't wait for a sequel!


It was difficult, it pissed me off, I screamed and hit things, my cat ran in terror. All my 10 are belong to you. o.0
If anyone had trouble with lag, it's probably because they need a better computer :|

Es genial
Tiene buena musica y la dificultad es muy buena.
Me recuerda a megaman X