Reviews for "League of Evil"


its pretty interesting. the game-play is good and its challenging. the movement and controls are very smooth. great job


If theres one redeemable quality of this game it is the music. However there are many redeemable qualities because it is a good game. But the music is brilliant 8 bit

great game,

i thought it could use ground traps in early levels, that were less noticable,
u should post the song on newgrounds lols :D i liked the backround music, reminded me of the 1812 game or w.e it was called way back for nes, the one with the planes shooting turets and ships and other planes going straight towards a destination, pretty basic.


You need good reflexes and speed to get the 3 stars


Great game. Amazing, even. Very reminiscent of megaman in it's difficulty. Reminds me of the old NES platformer games where you had to be quick, yet precise in everything you did. Thank you for this game.