Reviews for "League of Evil"


Controls felt too heavy, especially for walljumps. Give the player a bit more room so he doesn't have to be perfect on the timing, then it's an okay game. But with such a slow character, fast rotating spikes are not a good idea...6 for the concept, but needs more perfection.

Yeah Baby!

A little gem which does alot the right way: Tight controls. Great highly stylised graphics. A smooth framerate. Active, fast paced gameplay. High quality course-design. A tackling nicely progressing difficulty, which suits my taste alot. The music supports the action.


Probably one of my favorite games

Really hard at times but still loads of fun to play.


Didn't like it at first, but when I started playing with a PS2 pad instead of the keyboard it got a lot easier.
I'm sure the difficulty will turn away a lot of people, but it's reasonable once you've been practicing for a while.

I must say though, it is pretty cheap how those soldiers can turn around when they're about to shoot. D:

Liking your platformers so far, looking forward to more!

this game will make you

say "That was Bullshit" so many times that it isnt' even fun anymore
there are so many things that i hated in this game...
it was fun in the begining, but when a level takes like 30 minutes to complete. this gets a 5..