Reviews for "League of Evil"


To those who complain about this game have obviously never played an NES.
Most NES platformers had a 1 hit death system. The enemies, like any game, follow a pattern. Learn the patterns, then time your jumps, wall hugs, and air dashes, etc.

And the controls are fine as is.
it even has a walkthrough guys, C'mon...

Great game Wobly.


this game is fucking awesome!
Need a better story line though, something sunny will be really gud!


Ultimate challange


Played this is mofunzone and loved it. Engine is simple, yet so great. It allows both safe careful play and merciless speedrun.

Talking about speedrun, I made one and it can be found in youtube as "League of evil speedrun". Check it out ;)

The music is just absolutely phenomenal!
The game itself is amazing. Love it!!