Reviews for "League of Evil"

Only one issue

I must say, this is a fantastic game, from the upbeat music to the smooth controls, I like it, the only thing that I found kinda irritating was the lack of a block or something, since any enemy that can shoot usually caught me off guard. I thought: Oh, okay, I'll just wait till they're turned around, but the guard turned to me and shot me... kinda annoying.

Other than that, it was great, and that one little issue isn't enough to make me lower the score. (I am one who likes a challenge, so I'm not trying to complain, just point it out)

Poor abused walls !

Cant stop playing it even though ive finished it many times. I get a sudden urge and have to speedrun from the first to the last level.

The controls are very responsive and the difficulty curb the first time through was damn near perfect. Whats really addictive is that even though the basis for the game (double-jumping and wall-jumping) is simple enough if you keep playing you keep getting better in a pretty linear manner.

When you get pretty good most levels take only 10-20 seconds to beat which is just great for replay value and instant gratification.

I yearn for more levels or a sequel !

Best Platformer i've Played in a LONG time

the difficulty is spot on and the art style and the frankly amazing music is what makes this the number 1 platformer

Ps it reminds me of Mega Man ^^

Completed everything

Seriously I like your games, same as Chubby Ninja it was awesome, its not easy gettin all achievements, but if you concentrate you can do it.
Why give it a low score just because you get distracted easily or have short temper?
The creator of this game has given his effort to entertain you so be considerate.
And if platformers arent your type of game then dont give it a low score, just dont vote at all.
Good effort Woblyware... looking forward for some more nice games.


Where can i get the music??? PLEASE,I BEG YOU!