Reviews for "League of Evil"

Really nice

Kept me entertained all the way through, with all achievements and all. Really good oldschool platformer.
A little reminder to whomever it might concern.
It will save the latest time you have for the individual level, not the best! Meaning if you plan on getting the briefcases, you should do so before getting a speed run, since otherwise your speedrun time will be overwritten by the briefcaserun time (which usually does not meet the three star time standard). Enjoy :), I sure did.

Awesome Game

It's very challenging game,addictive, the graphics are cool and it's worth the time =D

best ng platformer so far

a fun and difficult platformer with awesome graphics, music, and level design. at times it had "robot unicorn attack" levels of difficulty, a huge plus. also, the protagonist looks like a cyborg Bruce Willis, which is the best thing ever.



Absolutely brilliant game

This is the perfect type of flash game! It sorta reminds me of meatboy, not in gameplay or style but in spirit.

It's challenging without being frustrating. It's deep without being too time consuming; you can chip away at it, doing a few levels a night. And above all, it's damn fun and damn addicting! It definitely has that "one more go" thing about it.

Can't wait for a sequel!