Reviews for "League of Evil"

Great! but..

It's still a great game but ,I know it's not my computer or my keyboard, i got a problem with the controls, while walking or jumping, because the little guy doesn't jump or keeps walking alone. Please check that out.

Good game!

This is fun. I love platformers myself and this is no exception. Good job.


You need to make a sequel or more games like this! I love how fast paced and challenging it is.. well it was challenging but I've played it that much now I can win it all in 15 minutes >< Great work x

Really good game!

This game is really good. 10/10 for quality, music, difficulity and originality.
It took me a while to beat the game, but I still did it. Keep up the great work man.

took me 3 weeks

but i finally 100%ed this game, alot of fun keep up the good work! great platformer