Reviews for "League of Evil"

So hard it turned me away

at first i was really enjoying it up in till i got to lvl 25. The game got so insainly hard that i didnt even want to bother continuing. Not only that, i spend FOREVER getting 3 stars on stage 31..only to find the score didnt even friggen save and ALL the stages didnt save my star score and only obtaining the brief case was saved =/

i didnt like how the whole game was based around jumping to your destination, espically when the controls for jumping are very bleh.

good try...but to hard and code does not work to save


SOO FURSTRATING!!!!!!!!! >.<

Best ever.

I've played a lot of platformers like this to completion before, but this is the easiest to play, the most fun, and the most beautiful. Great job Wobly.


this a good game actually a very good one but needs more medals

Cool, remindinded of something.

Great, fast paced, nice retro theme.
Reminds me of Meatboy! :)