Reviews for "League of Evil"

Great job!

Once you get a hang of the movements and timing, this game will get you addicted. The levels are very difficult, but after a while you'll be running through levels that looked impossible at first. The look is very retro, and the musics work well with the whole.

The only bad thing I have to say about this game is a little 'glitch' considering the achievements. I ran through circa 10 levels this way: I used the first run to do the 3 star time, and then pushed replay to do another run where I got the briefcase. After finishing 10 levels this way, I realized that my 3 star times had not been saved in the achievements.

With a game as aggravating as this, that just made me double-frustrated :D

3 stars on every stage!

I have master the art of movement on this game and i absolutely love the variety of things you can do punching and jumping :D. Mobility i think is key to this game and why its so great, i felt like a ninja :D

Completed everything

Seriously I like your games, same as Chubby Ninja it was awesome, its not easy gettin all achievements, but if you concentrate you can do it.
Why give it a low score just because you get distracted easily or have short temper?
The creator of this game has given his effort to entertain you so be considerate.
And if platformers arent your type of game then dont give it a low score, just dont vote at all.
Good effort Woblyware... looking forward for some more nice games.


is relly relly cool awesome

guns were off

first of all the platformer got extremely difficult at extremely low levels, which was annoying, second the gunfiring wass off. If you stood directly on top of a gun it wont shoot you.