Reviews for "League of Evil"


Where can i get the music??? PLEASE,I BEG YOU!


awesome game.
i got everyone at work addicted to it.
so yes, it's very addictive cuz it's very very fun.
kinda like Super Meatboy but FREE to play and less chaotic.
loved the sprites though i would have liked to see more enemy sprites.
great game!!!!

Good Game

Plot: Evil scientists together=end of the world kill them!!
Very simple I like it.
Graphics: Pixels. But they are nice pixels that don't annoy your eyes. But that's all it does
An the backgrounds feel somewhat natural. But it's just a place holder.
Not really part of the game.
Game play: Fun. The controls may take some getting used to. X to jump. C to attack. Space and up arrow are more preferable.
I didn't find any glitches in this games which was nice.

So overall
Fun Game
Fair Graphics
Poor controls
Normal Plotline


Cool but Meidum dificult


Good gameplay, horrible controls...nuff said