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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

Repetitive Yet Very Good.

I liked the elements used. A classic approach. Nice concept. Pretty original for this type of gaming. It does have potential. A storyline would spice it up. But, overall a nice challenge. :)

Get's boring

It's the same thing over and over. It gets extremely boring especially with the enemies health rising over 9000


It has potential for being a really good game but it can use a little more of everything

-Harder to get money, you get like a million every battle

-Make it so the enemy actually act like it doesn't have infinite troops

-Easier leveling system, I had to grind a battle 10 times before I could actually beat the next level

-More units for Air and Sea

-Combined battles, i.e. Air and Sea battle, Land and Air

-make the first power-up not curve down but go straight.

-Fix a few graphical errors like when you get a new power-up such as that last one it stays in one place while an air fortress moves up and down a bit.

-An ability to queue units and command weather they stay back or not.

-A story

Those are some things that would make this game go from a 6-8/10 to a 10/10

No Strategy

This would be good,if you could command the units. This, coupled with the fact that gold is practically infinite,makes this game is way too easy.


This is exactly like about ten other games I've played. It's far too easy. Gold regenerates so quickly that strategy is completely unnecessary. Just wait until a unit is created and then make another one. If enemy forces overwhelm you, just replay an old battle a few times until everything is upgraded. This type of game is designed to make the player feel like they've accomplished something with absolutely no effort except repetitive clicking.