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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"


Above the lack of a tutorial, poor English, and terrible graphics, the thing that stood out most was the crushing monotony. I found myself clicking the same four buttons repeatedly, slowly whittling down the enemy's base health. The only way I could lose was walking away from the game. I even won by building the same one unit repeatedly. This does not deserve the front page.

ok but needs work

some of the major flaws i found were that the alien flame units (ie soldiers planes and boats) magically hit every thing around them and sence the computer builds units very quickly near the end of the campain it swarms you with a crap load of super units making it very hard to win


it ok but needs a bit of work, its too complicated

In the dark

Your game is unfortunately very shallow and lackluster.

It has the makings of a very great game, but ends up being hollow. There's nothing for the gamer to do but mash the number keys during the battle (and the occasional mouse click).

Further, the game doesn't have you "enter enemy territory by air, sea and land". It's air, sea OR land. It's like playing three parallel games at once. Why not find a way to link them together in later stages? (And how about branching the levels so that the game is less linear?)

What's more, you don't give the gamer any stats to judge their units by. How am I supposed to know how to spend my money? And in the battle, how am I supposed to know how much my units cost? You should post it for us. You took the time to make a useless options menu, but no help button.

And again, in battle there is almost nothing to do! Why not let us command our troop movement? And maybe give us a heads up as to the enemy's production so that we can actually have some sort of strategy once the battle begins.

Finally, make some difficulty levels. This game is way too easy.

I really hope you make a sequel, because I think this game has a lot of potential!


i love games like this its good stratigy games makes people have to use there brains