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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

not very good

like 3 or 4 hits to the enemy and their finished

plus, it was really boring


Guy 2 spaces under me said it all. Points for effort though 5/10


like halo vs. the coventant but kinda repeated

Waste of time

This is little more than a waste of time, to be honest.

This is the main aspect of the game. The main purpose of it, apparently. Regardless of intentional or not, I'm forced to repeat the same level OVER AND OVER in order to get upgrade points enough to be able to beat the next level. This is not okay. Grinding is, essentially, just a horrible way to make people play your game. Or to make your game seem longer than it actually is. It's a filler. Do not use grinding to fill empty space! 'nuff said!

Obviously, this is a game about waging war, so units are essential.
But why can't I have air units backing up my ground units? I mean, that is sort of essential in modern (and future) warfare. Even in the past (since we invented flying machines anyway), our ground units have had flying guns to back them up.

Difficulty curve:
Is bollocks. Completely fucked over by old men with hairy behinds, mate. One moment I'm killing everything my literally just sending out one squad of riflemen at a time. Fully upgraded, these guys could apparently kill everything. Then, out of nowhere, the difficulty rises and I have to rely on wave tactics instead. That is to say, I am now simply spamming every single god damn units I have with no necessary order. NOT OKAY either, buddy.
When I see "military operations" in the description, this is not reeeaaally what I expect. I expected something slightly more realistic - Like balanced units. Heavy guns for heavy infantry/light vehicles, bazookas for vehicles, riflemen for regular infantry, etc. Stuff like that.
I do not want to just spam everything in no particular order to beat the living shit out of some alien enemy.

Are plentiful. I like that much - I mean, you could at least get that right.
Just one flaw:
They're all the fucking same.
All ground levels look the same, all air levels look the same, all sea levels look the same.
All levels have the same point - Namely spam the living snot out of the enemy.

Upgrade points:
Are a good idea on paper.
But you burned the paper, sniffed the ash, and shat it out the window into an old lady's face.
These upgrade points cause a lot of grind. I may as well refer to them as "Grind Points".

Grind Points:
Are gained by grinding, obviously. You use them to upgrade ground units, air units, and naval units respectively, so you have to grind a lot. Why? Well, because you can only put ground units on ground maps, and so forth. You can't focus on air units (even though a helicopter can obviously fly over the sea), and you can't just invest all your money in ground units (because you can't skip air or sea levels).
These points are a good idea gone bad, really. I see many games with upgrade points/money for upgrades and such. You just ruined it with the general setting of this game.

Are also plentiful.
But they require a lot of grind points, so they're a pain in the ass to get.
I wish I was joking when I tell you that I played one level over and over at least 6 times to properly prepare for the next level - And found out the units I upgraded was too expensive to use with my starting funds. So I had to start over with the grinding.

Awful game. Don't waste your time with this. Go play Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty if you really want to bash some aliens with the butt of your gun.

Kinda samey....

You get too much gold at the end of each round, which makes things way too simple. The battles are also just a matter of clicking repeatedly until you overcome the enemy... Nice presentation though.