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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"


this is not a terrible game or idea! if i may be so bold to suggest a little more playability as well as a smarter AI, on top of that maybe the action just isnt what it should be. I am giving 5/10 because its been done before a lot better than this, but this was not garbage, just give a few tweaks and throw in a little more spice and flare. maybe make it more of a tower defense based game, anyways. Get those gears turning and give us an updated version!

Not very good at all.

It's a good RTS, but without any of the S.
There's no thinking involved, just button mashing. The concept is pretty unoriginal too.

lacking a true 'game'

aliens is too easy, idk about humans, and air/land/water used in seperate battles? not many tactics needed there. games like these draw people that like the use of tactics in their game, if you want the game to be more successful, make it so that the game is very hard without some actual unit/counter-unit action

luv it

but needs to be harder

gets boring

good game very repetitive