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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

its alright...

btw the "alien tank", and the "alien worm" pictures are switched and it seems like the orange tank (which is the alien worm) should have been first to unlock instead of the yellow tank (which is the alien tank). just sayin


Mash buttons to create units, until the enemy doesn't randomly decide to make some ridiculous AoE'ing unit that wipes out half your forces in one go.

Just like Epic War except..........

Its just like epic war which is good because i like it and i like these types of games dont be down by all these negative reviews by all these people who are obviously stupid. The only thing i didnt like was that all you have to do is grind for experience and uprgrade your army enough then its easy. The thing that i liked better than epic war is that you can add skills to the people and if you dont add skills to your people then you will lose thats why its a grindfest it would have have gott a perfect score but it just felt like it could use a little more push to it or some flare. Great game keep up the work.


good idea but it seams that there is not much space betwwn you and the cpu base. and there really isint a story line so i dont see the point

Learn to play

Almost all of the reviews I have seen say that it's easy until you start getting overwhelmed. I've beat the game on both sides, and I haven't even lost any hit points. What all of you players that are getting overwhelmed need to do is fight whichever side you're fighting with the same techniques that they are using. Me, personally, I had all my units upgraded before level 8, so I just demolished whatever got in my way, but I would recommend overwhelming them before the do it to you. Don't rely on your "big guns", and let you're smaller units beat the daylights out of your enemy. That's what I did before I upgraded everything, and I still do it.