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Reviews for "STREEMERZ"


Streeeeeemerz mode will make you want to kill yourself. Other than that, it's very fun.


Great controls, great style, great humor and awesome level design. To those who are giving this a low score this because it's hard: don't downrate a game just because you suck at it. I don't have time to gush over this right now, so I'll just say I hope you can
make more. Maybe a remake of Cheetah men or something.

Haters Gonna Hate

This is an excellent game. Yes I died 126 times beating it on Normal, but the point is I did it. There aren't any glitches that I saw, the game was CHALLENGING, which was excellent. Takes me back to the old Bionic Commando days. Great job. Sequel?

do not touch master y's balls

did you made that sound dirty att purpose? o.O

The game was very good for a parody of Action 52..

...but i can still feel the shittiness of the game here. The difficulty, the glitches, the idea... only thing missing is the unfinished ending and the game crashing right before you get to the end... or maybe it is there because i've never beaten and never will due to all the flashing lights and shit.
So yea, the fact the game is giving me a seizure and the fact this game is almost like the Action 52 Streemerz, well... sorry dude, 2/10 1/5.