Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"

I love when people suck at games...

...and try to take there uber weakness out on the game designer. That Raikiku is totally off base. The animation is well done, the movement is pretty smooth. It is definately a good idea to have a move system to figure out for every boss. I little short but the overall smoothness of the game makes up for it. Good job can't wait for another one.

What the hell

Terrible programming
Terrible controlling
Annoying difficulty, Honestly, it just seems like the game is laughing at you the whole time it's just mercilessly killing you.
Overall irritating and very boring.

Terrible programming.

My first playthrough I managed to beat the first boss with 1 life left. I then jumped over the pit he had cut and fell into it somehow. Even though I had already beaten both bad guys it made me start from the beginning. I didn't mind really. But when I beat the first afro guy and pick up the bubble armor thing the game just stops working. So I refreshed the page and ran into the same exact problem.

The music also needs better transitioning. Having the music just stop abruptly until you fulfill the next thing (picking up an item or even walking to the other side of the level).

In conclusion this was programmed terribly and could of been awesome if someone had just tested this out a few times before submitting it.

I rate it 2 tick tocks.


It froze as soon as I picked up the first boss's gun, twice.

Good effort dude...

But it breaks after the first boss for me, when I collect the gun, and as someone else said, some audio cues would be nice (but not absolutely nesessary).
More product testing before you release, but otherwise, great job.