Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"




You are probably just dumb, the puzzle is pretty simple but still challenging, connect one of the rounded things to the other, and the game its self is really fun.

not a fan

its ok but to simple i need more stimulation people! actually it was a little too much jump over this whatch out for that defuse this its ok but not great


1st puzzle was bad, how am i suppose to know what to do with it, and when/if you figure it outs its too late and you have to start at the beginning.
Also the game loses interest fast, why am i trying to get to the end?...just to beat the bad guys? >.>

Ahh so close

Great game ppl! i had fun this game was hard in the begining but after a few tries the game got easier and the bosses got a bit easier at the end or by the end a few glitches none that affect gameplay that much..I just beat the game with 1 continue a shame almost got that reward :P again awesome game!