Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"

I liked it.

I hate how some people low rate it because they suck at this game. I went through without a continue pretty easily. If I would downrate I would down rate on it being not hard enough.

The controls stuck sometimes but it wasn't that bad when you got the timing down. Good game. Make a sequel.

its ok..

its not that bad. After when you kill the 1st boss you cant go through to the next round
you pretty much cant dodge the attacks and move and the same time

Um.... Yeah, about that, no.

Erratic controls, bad graphics, it's just too limited. And you can't even bat away the knives in the first level. It's stupid. 1/5 1/10


i colud not move wen i got the gun

Voted 3

Nice animations, cool concept. Biggiest problem I had was with the lack of variety, bosses don't change patterns much, and the last boss was a joke. There was a lack of sound effects too. You don't hear your gun firing, or when the boss uses their weapons, etc. Not bad though.