Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"

pretty good

I like the game in whole, its animated well, the boss concepts are good with their moveset being well defined enough to find a pattern. At times it seemed a bit too simple where at other times even the simple patterns still killed you. a pretty good balance of hard and easy. good job, people complain too much.


This is one of the best games on newgrounds. Only negative thing I can think of is the music cuts off abrutly at some parts, and the section where you collect stars has no music at all, but that's a minor thing.

Haters gonna hate but this game is incredible

Okay game

It's a simple game to play and is fun but yeah a bit of rinse and repeat

Good idea, terrible execution

The idea for this game is great. Imagine having to fight your way through several gigantic bosses in an epic battle to get to the end. Instead however, we get a "jump over obstacle, shoot, rinse and repeat" kind of battles from the NES era. The graphics are decent, the music is decent, but the real killer is the gameplay. It's just not very fun.

I agree...

entirely by DeadByDawn, great idea, great work and Raikiku is horribly wrong