Reviews for "Kill Me!"

Very Nice

While the idea of using death as a game mechanic is not unique, this game does it better than anything I've seen so far. My only major complaint is with the length; it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to play through the entire game, which feels way to short.
Other suggestions: A scoreboard would have been nice. Having a record of your minimum time and deaths for each level would have added some replay value as well.


A good platformer with a different concept from most. It is quite easy enough however, to finish in one sitting.

A very tiny hitch though, it is very inconvenient having to right-click and press Show All to properly observe the entire level, and even more inconvenient having to do that every time I finish or restart a level. However, since there are no instances off-screen spikes that may harm you at any level, there is actually no need to do this to finish the game.

Also, the only similarity between this game and Karoshi is the main character wanting to die. In this game to finish levels, you have to make use of your character's death whereas in Karoshi the goal in each level IS to die. So please, do not play this game thinking it is a Karoshi rip-off for it is a unique platformer in its own right.

Room for sequel =<

It was pretty good, you could go on to make more by saying the chemical didn't actually kill him, or you could even mix it up a bit and be all like, "As it turns out, the poison mixed with his rebirth and gave him all new powers!"

But yeah, sequel would be rather easy from there, and you can improve upon the games formula with the above quoted text.

Nice work, keep it up.


it got boring when it got to hard for my brain

interesting and difficult

Wow, this game gets really hard but it's quite fun. Cool concept. I like :-D