Reviews for "Kill Me!"

I wished the character was fleshed out

Good time sink. Some of the later levels were hard but not impossible which adds to the game but the control seems a little off, i cant quite explain as its just a feeling. Another thing i dont like is how the game just ends at the last level(what happens afterward?a little epilogue would had been nice), you could have done more but that's not too important. I did enjoy the character but it's a shame because he wasn't fleshed out(again i think an epilogue would have helped) This seems kind of negative but it was a good game.

good game, but...

it's a really good game, but there's some issues:
1)it really needs "rewind death" button. When you've almost reached the end of level and then you accidentally fall on spikes...
ARRGH this drives me crazy.
2)where's EPIC ENDING?!
He just drinks it and that's all?Maaan, that's dull.
so, only 8 out of 10


i thought it was gonna be a suicide salaryman ripoff but luckily i was wrong...nice job congrats

Good game

Good and fun game, except for two things, the dying sounds gets annoying after a while and the constant need to press space to start a level is annoying too.


Not too bad