Reviews for "Kill Me!"

love this

this game is hella fun. the graphics are pretty good and i think the sound effects are pretty funny too. make another!


....I liked it!
Just one thing that bothers me......
...Why he wants to die?? He is a superhero isn't he? I want to be a superhero

His Dying Scream(Ouch!) and his Jumping Sound is really funny, Whooa...
You could have been done more things to do, like balls that move, keys to open doors, robots to kill, guns, teleports, checkpoints,an Invincible Girl(Yea!), I don't know, something like that.

·Graphics: 8 / 10
·Effects: 9 / 10
·Difficulty: 6 / 10 [It's not TOO hard, but the corpse limit sucks man :D]
··Superman Cape: 10/10 [ I liked it! ]
···Overall: 33 / 40 [ = 8 Stars ]

yo 14

was freakin anoying felt like i should be rewinding or something
but still good game i just lack patients throwin the body was the annoyin art to me then had to keep killin me self if it hit the spikes

not bad

I thought it was a pretty good platformer. It wasn't too difficult and you had to use your brain a little. Good job.

Interesting gameplay

Fun and interesting gameplay.