Reviews for "Kill Me!"

Great gameplay, poor plot.

This is one heck of a good game. Loved the gameplay. Great ideas. It all fits together without being unrealistic. Flawless. Good graphics. Good content. Challenging. Lot of levels. Difficulty : Hard. Two minuses though are that the plot is a bit goofy, Mr Invincible Man goes to top secret base to get potion (too classic) and all the levels do not really relate to a top secret base. Lastly, my second minus is that the engine is a bit rough and it is sometime really hard to do do what we want to do without getting frustrated. However, overall it is a great game but a bit boring. Btw, good ambient music.


kinda hare and boring but i really like it


Amazing concept, fair... and decient... 8/10

goood game BUT

it's a really good game, but there's some issues:
1)it really needs "rewind death" button. When you've almost reached the end of level and then you accidentally fall on spikes...
ARRGH this drives me crazy.
2)where's EPIC ENDING?!
He just drinks it and that's all?Maaan, that's dull.
so, only 8 out of 10

dmonkoff it's said the truth man
relly need rewind death button:P:P:P

very fun

people are stupid for critically analyzing the realism of using corpses. i think it's a funny story and very creative. about the guy that proposed "McGuffin" whatevers, don't it would ruin the fun and turn the game into something it isn't supposed to be. it wasn't a retarded amount of difficult, but exactly difficult enough for me to not spend too long and still feel satisfied with me being smart when winning. the last level was so much fun! :)

good job!!