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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"


got kinda bored and read the other comments so..

Please make a mute button

la musique est tres ennuyeux. If that was your intention, i hate you.


Make the controls sharper, and you have a nice game. At the moment, however, I'm just sliding everywhere when I move.....interesting game though.

Aggravation does not equate to difficulty

Decent concept for a platform, but it's been done before and done more efficiently. The sliding wouldn't be an incredible problem but inconsistent jumping only gives the illusion of difficulty without adding any actual challenge.

If the jumping controls were made more reliable and the visual cues hinting at a platform giving away like the tufts of grass, we'll have a better product.

Poorly programmed.

This isn't annoying simply because it tries to be. Limbo was the same, and that game was awesome. However, what Limbo didn't do was employ controls that were so unresponsive that it was almost impossible to pull off a jump at the right time and speed, which is especially unforgivable in this game considering just how many of those leaps require pin-point accuracy. Also, just the one track that loops (with about ten minutes of silence in between) and no sound effects is simply amateurish.

Challenge is not an excuse for incompetence. Try harder next time.