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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"


WTF addicting but way too hard >=(


Actually, this is a really annoying game. While playing it I really wanted to go play something else... but it has medals, so I preserved. Part of the problem was the "inertia" of the character made control frustrating. Also, while some things were genuinely funny (LOL - beware of the chickin!), because everything seemed to be attempting to be humorous (often sarcastic or taunting), I was often "meh - a sandworm, how droll". And then I couldn't work out how to drop the bomb! It's like being offered candy, and ending up with sawdust :( C'mon, I have an "e" key that surely can do more than just move rocks!

Hint to those stuck at the safe bridge: if you're running forward all the time, how will you notice when the awesum wheel of deth actually triggers? Most of the game can be completed without deaths by going slow, having first memorising where the hidden traps are... except for for that damned cave of blades! ARGH!

Agro ratin: 7

this game is so annotinga nd there a re loads of glithches and it's just weird!


I cant pass the level where theres a giant pickle cuz i keep falling through the Next platform and i know i stepped right on it..I just fall right through and once i even ended up going all the way through the floor Past the meastro Platform and die after i fall through that D:

Too many glitches

I like the surprise factor that this game gives, but's it has too many glitches. There's some plataforms where I pass through and the "elevator" is sometimes missing.