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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"


nice comedy, good originality. However, there were many places where glitches made you fall. Also, If you fell and hit a check point, you were registered to that checkpoint, then faced with regaining the ground you lost.

missin' the spikes

On the higher levels, it's possible to miss the spikes and keep falling towards earlier parts. If you than pass an earlier save point, you have to start from there again...
If this is a mistake, look into it. If it was but in there to severly piss off the player, well played sir...


WOULD be better, if the controls didnt suck my grandmas sweaty cheese ballz

Good..but Geez 'Dude', CHILL!!

This thing is damn too hard to be finnished without a Death, I mean, even in the 1st level there's a place where you absolutely can't avoid being killed (didn't specify where, u find out...)

Pretty okay

It's intertaining, and I love the meme references :D