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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"


i liekd it but i noticed when i was in the cave high up and if i fell i went past the floor to the lower lever of the game to many times


But like the guy below said, the death screen takes long and that's really irritating espacially when it's a game where you die a lot of times.

Also the graphics were a bit sloppy, but other then those 2 thins it's a good game.

Annoying, fun, but glitchy

Sometimes when i hit a platform in the pickle level part, i don't think its supposed to happen but, I just fall through everything even through the area underneath then I die.


I beat it, but i'm not gonna even try for beating it without a death.
Music stopped a LOT.
Could have better art.
But overall, addicting.
To those below me,
It is not IMPOSSIBLE. You just don't know how to DO it yet.
Keep trying.

Title is well adopted, this game IS annoying.

To folks out there complaining about difficulty...
1- It's supposed to be hard. Deal with it!
2- The "slippery" pace is part of it, in fact, it caused most of my deaths, so without it, the game would have been much easier.
3- There's a walkthrough on YT on how to beat it 0-death. If you can't do even then, then YOU S*CK.
4- Don't compare this with IWBTG. This is a breeze in comparison. I'll take you simply never played IWBTG to say that.

ChrisDaemon responds:

This guy gets it