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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"

Theres Just One Annoying Thing in here..

and thats the checkpoint bug that made me start from the beginning just as i was on the bridge

great but too easy

all the things in this game are to obvious

This is SHIT

i have never play this game This is SHIT!

Not bad, but could still use alot of improvement.

You had some nice jokes here, sadly they didnt make me laugh because the axe kind of surprised me with the gore(lulz). You should sharpen the controls, and id rate it an 8. The fact that you died atleast once on every trap was pretty bad too. Maybe show a hint when the ground is gonna collapse?

This game would deserve much more, if it wasnt so buggy and when I feel down because I couldnĀ“t jump from some reason the checkpoint reseted so I thought ok fk this.