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Reviews for "Planet Noevo"

Bang Bang

I love any overhead shooter whether it entails zombies, people, or aliens, and this is no exception.

The worm shooting giant flaming balls of doom certainly surprised me though. :]

VERY good game!

Even though the game may be time consuming, it is worth your time as you will have something to pre-occupy yourself with, whether it is the survival to the fittest arcade style game, or the time-limit one with the story-mode, you will likely have troubles at your first few tries, but hey. What's a good game without a little diffuculty?

Also some tips on beating the game is, get the skills associated with digging first and speed later on, then just dig as much as you can and run-and-gun like what yenski said before me.

Other than that, it's relatively straight-foward.

an awsome game!!

this is a great game in both the story and the arcade! good length, basic story, lots of stuff to kill(esp. at night).... all around a totally awsome game

An altogether great game.

The game had quite a bit of thought put into it... and yet it still gets mixed reviews. Why? I think it's because the people who rate it failed at the basic concept of the game.

I played, maxed out my digging stat quickly, and was able to easily get through the game. You merely dig until creatures get close, and then run & gun. Ten days went by quickly, with my base being a protective cover that I occasionally used to recover health and as a second gun on the screen.

As for the giant worm, people should have been to the point where they were no longer needing to dig by day ten... it's RESCUE DAY!!!

As a quick game, it was just long enough not to bore me, yet long enough to be worth while. Even the music was pretty good. An all around great effort.

You get a perfect ten by me. This is what Newgrounds games were meant to be.

Fix the bug i found...

Its a good game but I can´t enjoy it fully when I can´t press right click to change the quality to low. If I do it it sticks on the screen and never goes away? Is it just me who is experiencing this?