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Reviews for "Planet Noevo"


all it needs is achievements

I liked it a lot!

I thought it was too short. I never got to fully upgrade my base and equipment due to this fact. Otherwise it was a great game.

Keep it up!

its cool

its cool but there could have been an item in the base upgrade area that refells ur hunder bar to 100% but other than that it was a great game

Planet Noev-- AWESOME!

A really good game! Problem is, I'm not far into the game and just... err well it is hard to find stuff... especialy Electronics.

Good, but needs work in a few spots...

It's a good game, but the most glaring issues I seem to have with this game are unresponsive controls (The guy keeps going when I let go of the key AND when I hit in another direction...), how blasted overkill expensive everything is (self-explanatory), and the fact that I can't start a new game (this is especially frustrating since I screwed up my first game. Please, FIX THIS!)... Everywhere else, the game is good,