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Reviews for "Planet Noevo"

Good Idea HORRIBLE outcome

What is the point of Digging ? The upgrades show no outcome when maxed. The Giant Worm Boss Kills me in one hit and I am left with nothing to feed myself so i slowly die. The guns feel like they all do the same damage few bugs as well

the press A button to see the forgery wont work yet it says to. so i have to click to open it and my base turret cannot seem to target the giant worm boss. The Turret is ridiculous. theirs a cross hair but you cannot control the base when in it.

It was not until day 8 that I noticed that if i stood in one spot the ground would shimmer. How about some notification on what i found or something if i even do find anything.

It would also be nice to custom the colour of your base and man for personalization.


After i clicked play, the game sat on a picture of half a firey planet, so i didnt get to play, but by the look of the other reviews the game is pretty good. good work!

pretty good

its a good game but a lil short on the 10day thing, an time goes really fast.
To the guy below how could u not kill the wrom i had 20 gunsmith and a rifle and i killed it easy.... just stand back a little bit and shoot its attacks will miss lol.... ur so fail....
otherwise good game

Good game.

It's pretty fun, but when You get to the worm boss, the game slows down alot. I hated the Worm boss cause there was no way to dig when You are supposed to kill it. I had a Rocket Launcher and full Gunsmith and I still couldn't defeat it. Make the HP on the boss lower and that will help alot.

pretty fun.

one of the better games on here with the upgrades the item construction and the multiple game modes! keep up the good work!