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Reviews for "Planet Noevo"

After a certain point the game is ment to be lost

The game was great until things got over powered.
the upgrades do very little after day 40 all weapons are useless,and running is the best bet, the rolly-pollies are easiest to dodge by taking cover, but the spider like things just take health just by being near, the spitters are the easiest to outrun, and they at least need to show its attack. i miss the worm, its attacks are predictable, its now day 76, and if i every night is just ment to kill me about five times, outrunning the rollipollies is next to impossible when they swarm (everything is upgraded,including the defenses beds,gun etc.) the base does nothing to stop the attack, the gun(super turret) has so far never killed one of the attackers after lvl 40.

one of my favorites...

... exept for the fact that story mode only lasts for 10 days and you can't really get anything in 10 days if the time goes by so fast.

two idiots below

hey,noob!you can upgrade your speed when you lvl up duh


its goes too slow one of the gay's games ever

oh damn

holy shat this game was good All the weapons and armor you could make upgradeable base it was the works really man top notch game