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Reviews for "Planet Noevo"

Great game!

10000/10 Very good
But the resource electronics was a pain to get I hope you make that easier...


This a great and really addicting game. I survived for 36 days in survival and I'm in the 20th place of all time.

But it is annoying, that when you max out your skills, the inventory icon keeps flashing when you level up. It would be better with a max lvl or something, cuz it is annoying that you level up and you can't do anything though.

Great game

Yeah just needs a few more weapons or armor. It's a bit short . was just aboout starting to give up on trying to kill the giant worm but finally killed it i went wtf when it started shooting 3 fireballs but overall great game


This game is cool.It could use something like auto-gather, since its kind of a burden having to walk all the way across the map.But overall,good job


The game was amazing and was highly addicting. The food meter got kinda of annoying so did walking across the map to gather and the time should have gone by a little slower.