Reviews for "TinyRPG"

liked it up until...

The game itself is a good start. But to be honest, I stopped playing it after i fought for a half hour and got that 3000 to buy the boomerang... only to find out it was WAY LESS POWERFULL THAN THE MACE I WAS ALREADY USING WHICH ONLY COST 300! Seriously, put some values on the shop. Buying items that were more expensive but were actualy a DOWNGRADE made this game crap.

LunaDrift responds:

What! the boomerang is a WICKED killing machine!


It is a good game

9/10 cause it is very basic and not too intuitive.

The bow doesn't shoot straight, armor doesn't seem to help much

HUGE map, Lots of item selections, Easy to play from the get-go

LunaDrift responds:

yeah... the bow is a bit crazy

Sweet tiny game!

Simple, intuitive controls and interface wrapped around a randomly generated world.

Haven't gotten too far into it yet, only up to level 4 and half an hour or so spent, but it looks to be thoroughly fun to explore. Couple suggestions for improving this version or the next one:

1.) Make boat speed same as walk speed. Kept finding myself on an island and having to find new lands.
2.) Description pop-ups in the equip / buy window. Easy to see that everything should be bought to see what is next. However, would be nice to know how much of a defense/attack rating something has and/or bonus stats (Ex: Spiked Helm). Not looking for a wall of text, just something quick that differentiates.
3.)The bow (Haven't tried the throwing axes yet to see if they're the same) doesn't shoot where I click often enough. Ex: Shooting at a tentacle (stationary enemy) and could fire 5 or 6 shots before a single hit. Intentional?
4.) Combo this one with ranged weapons: Button to stand still and disable moving to allow hit/shoot at enemy.


LunaDrift responds:

thanks for the feedback


I love how simple it is, but because of how fast the camera moves, it's near impossible to keep clicking an enemy - please make an attack button instead of clicking.

LunaDrift responds:

yeah... the controls can be a bit awkward. try moving with the keyboard and see if that helps

It look good

nice one