Reviews for "TinyRPG"


Wow...you sir have done a great job here. Brings back memories of Ultima 1-5

This is the type of game I'd love to make if I weren't just a 3d modeler and couldn't code to save my life lol

keep it up!

LunaDrift responds:

if you want to do some art for the game... go for it. i'm thinking about making this open source.

ultima just rocks eh!

I gotta say

I really liked the game, but at one point it became pretty boring.
But you did make in two weeks, I give you that! It was a pretty fun game to play.

P.S. When I got the Golden Pan's Flute, all of the enemies started dying on the map!! I don't know what's with the glitch, also my mace had a lot longer range than it used to have...

LunaDrift responds:

whoa man.. that pan flute sounds wicked. what was it meant to do? i can't remember. had this sitting on my drive for a while. and yes... 14 days it took.

i get bored after a while too.... i didn't put much time into keeping the player interested with new rewards... cause i don't have time. i think there is a good 30 mins of fun... but it tends to drag on.

thanks for your feedback. almost time for bed


Next time more boobs

LunaDrift responds:

i can show you mine?

for $10

It was ok

It started out interesting. There is a massive world to be explored. There are tons of powerups that you can get, and there are a fair variety of enemies to keep you occupied.

However, the experience degraded into the equivalent of level grinding after the first 30 mins. I would suggest having some sort of landmarks to find in there, so there is an incentive to uncover all the dark area. Another way to handle it would be to uncover a large part of land at once, so the player doesn't spend a lot of time opening up the map. Also, your speed should be maxed out when you start the game (the world is large enough as it is.) Finally, you should add some achievements in there. Maybe an achievement for killing all the monsters on a given continent would be a good idea.

Ok game, but could be a lot better. Very good for 14 days though! =D Interesting "reward" too. d=

LunaDrift responds:

I'm kind of getting sick of games that are all achievement based. Perhaps it's just me.

I get what you are saying with it getting boring after a while, but i haven't sunk a lot of time into making this game, so it's not intended to be 'perfect'

cheers :)

Massive game.

Map was insanely huge. Great game.

PS. Boomerang was awesome.

LunaDrift responds:

yeah... i think it's worth 3k lol