Reviews for "TinyRPG"

Not bad!

I did enjoy this game a good deal... But there were several things that really bothered me.

The first thing was the fact that you lost all your potions when you saved and came back. That's irritating. Not really major, but still.
It would have been more major if I could have picked up more than 10 potions. What the heck? If we're supposed to be limited to 10, fine, but don't TAKE one of the potions I already have!!! I.E. I walk over what would be my 11th potion - instead of going up to 11, my potions go DOWN to 9! Further, the potions that you can't take shouldn't vanish from the ground.
Also with 10... When I reached level 10 my level disappeared. I was still 10, but it just said "Level " at the top - it was blank. What's with the number ten here?

I thought there should have been some type of guidance... I ended up exploring an island with a bunch of level 4 critters before islands with nothing but 1's and 2's. Also, making players just kinda go out into the ocean to find new islands was iffy. I didn't particularly care for it, then got the Golden Pan Flute, so that fixed that problem.
Also, some of those levels are misleading... If I'm level 9, and I fight a level 4 lizard-man, I should STOMP him. Instead he eats 10 of my health, with the 'magic armor' and helmet equipped.... Come on! Get two or three of them in a cramped space and you get owned. It really made my day to be level 16+ and get hit for 30 by a level 4 monster... D:

The boomerang is.... unbalanced. It did cost 3k, but jeez. It's like the 'ultimate super slayer boomerang of doom'. If you wanted to crash your browser, you could have a ton of boomerangs following you - see a monster, run around him real quick and BAM, 10 very unhappy boomerangs hit him at once! INSTANT DEATH. I had a small army of boomerangs following me one time, which was kinda fun.
I really liked the quest items, though :) They were pretty cool. I was walking crazy fast by the end of all that - along with the trail of boomerangs, any monster in the open was basically pummeled while I ran circles around them. I enjoyed the little quotes that came with each item.... I really liked the one with Skull of Dante. Ironic I suppose. Couple of things here: The Ring of Regeneration worked even when I was running around. I don't know if you meant it to, but a health potion will counteract the Voodoo item.

I know this wasn't a big project, but it would be cool to show different armor / helmets... If you're going to expand, please do that <3
Also, it would have been useful to be able to scroll the map when it was pulled up... In case you wanted to find a particular merchant again, for example. (Also related... Does the Candle actually do anything? I mean, of course you can see the items AFTER you kill the monster... It didn't seem to show me beforehand.)

I didn't really like the attack method.... If you missed the monster and clicked next to it, you would run towards it, which generally resulted in a hit. Also, having a way to change the key bindings would have been nice. Arrow keys + mouse = :( . I'd rather use WASD if I need the mouse.

Okay... Yeah, it's time to stop. Sorry for the rambling, but that's my take. Thanks for a good few hours of fun :)

P.S. That ending was ...... Very, very wrong. Hours of searching strings of tiny islands for that?? But unexpected, I suppose :P ( I feel a little cheated, lol.)

Good for a 14 days game.

Loved the ending. I didn't expect this one lol!

Some glitch involving mostly the bats who flies sometime over the trees. That is a problem when the gold get stuck on it.

When i used the magic sword and rerun the game because my character got stuck on a tree, i had only to click once in a while and all the monsters died before i met them. I don't know if that was the purpose but them seems to run from me so... fortunately it was only almost at the end of the game so i had my share of fun.

In all, for a 14 days game, i liked it!


This has to be known more! Its so old school and so well made for being done in 14 days? Amazing! xD Altho it tends to get a little repetitive and a little too easy once you get all the magical equips , the game doesnt lose its charm from beginning to end.

I must say I found this rather interesting glitch , I wont write it down here or its going to kill the game play for every other players >.< And Might I ask if its normal that I found the -insert name here- that shows me every single monsters in the map on my 5th item or so? o.O

Oh and whats the Dex for? lol where do you see those stats? Noticed you also have Str bonus quest item but errr yeah never did more damage with my magical bow from when I got it to when I had all the items possible.

Ending was pretty worthwhile xD Thanks for this game mate , hope you find time to expand this one or make a whole new one with more features such as magic and other elements you find in rpg's.

If you're interested in that glitch , pm me but beware it'll ruin the game for you =(

Pretty amazing

I like the graphics because it reminds me of old school gaming.

Like some other reviews said, it'd be nice if there were actually quests with more of a storyline, but it's pretty good on its own. I'd also like it if the map in the corner was collapsible, because things kept attacking me from the corner and I didn't see them till last second. Also, a Mana or Magic bar integration would be pretty awesome. When I think about it, if you had the time (not sure if you do or not) you could turn it into a MMORPG, lol. I think I played for an hour, but I might play again to see that epic ending of yours, haha.

And for you people who can't save, keep the low reviews to yourself. I played and closed my browser, and came back and refreshed, after restarting my computer, and my game was still there. Fix your computer, the games fine. Don't blame the game for your own stupidity.


What an Ending!

I really enjoyed playing this. It's simple, and somewhat repetitive, but very addicting!

A couple suggestions:

1) Make actual quests with the items as rewards.
2) Magic boomerang :)
3) Possibly make some caves or dungeons / puzzles with a storyline.

Add these and I think you'll have a great game.