Reviews for "TinyRPG"

Good, just fix the load game.

It's a decent game. I can't seem to load my save though. Once that is fixed I don't think I have any real complaints.


i just get stuc at a plant


Played for a few hours last night, saving every now and then, only to hop back this evening to see that none of my game saves registered. Can't click 'continue', only 'new game'. 0/5 for wasting my time.

If anyone else wants to play this buggy game: Use the boomerang until you can get something better. It has multi-knockback.

:D nice game

Nice game alot of fun my only problem is... i almost had every item then i shut the game and when i came back it idint save my game :( ...meh... anyways nice game id like to see more of your work :)

Nice game

The game actually is very addicting, I wasn't expecting the "reward" though