Reviews for "TinyRPG"

Beat it!

Pretty fun, and despite what you said, the ending didn't let me down.

LunaDrift responds:

did you get there?

no proof so you are the unofficial first.


i eventually got stuck in a three somehow at level 7 without any monsters near me to kill me.. but still i like it so I'll give it a 9 and a 4

LunaDrift responds:

if you get stuck you can save and refresh and click continue.

sorry about that!


it doesn't start, stuck on the loading screen at 100%.

LunaDrift responds:

just wait a bit... it's 600k

i'll put in a loader tomorrow or something. i can't be bothered for now :)


....putting in fav's for more fun later,...great game.

LunaDrift responds:


cheers, let me know what you think when you play more

very well done

Nice modern rougelike!

Pros: Very nice engine with free movement, I think its the turn based grid like movement that puts the modern gamer off the rougelike genre and you've solved that nicely. the gameplay is fluid and the engine is very responsive.

Cons: I always liked the event logs with rougelikes and I feel this game could use one. make it hideable, and sizeable like any mmo and people will be able to remove it if they choose. I also noticed that the black mask on the map glitched out a little bit so maybe refine that a little if making further games from this engine.

In summary its a great game with a lot going for it. I hope to see a HugeRPG in the future with more in game elements, but as it stands its something to be proud of.

LunaDrift responds:

thanks man, you never know!