Reviews for "TinyRPG"

awesome game

I finished the game (kill every beast, and collected all the 31 objects) but...
There is at the first island(where u begin) 2 dungeons that are one above the other, but the upper one has no entry, i managed to kill the beasts inside using "morning star" but i can't get to the gold, i need that gold to buy the magic helm.
is that a glitch or did i miss something

Addicting and fun!

I collected every item and must say, the ending is definitely something to sing and dance about! A few bugs I noted though was that sometimes gold would get stuck in unpassable terrain. I also got stuck in a tree once when I crossed a boundry, but fixed the problem by refreshing the page and continuing from my last save point. Who is Jane by the way?

Time Killer

It's definetly a very nice game.

But there is a bug in it.
I've saved because I had to go. and when i've loaded the game and played on the monsters colitted suicide when i come in sight.

Towards the end, I was on such a ROLL

I signed up to newgrounds just to let you know how much I both love and hate you right now :) Well done indeed sir, well done.

LunaDrift responds:

ha ha ha! cheers!

and you are the first confirmed person to complete :)

YAY for you!

Ah, the Nostalgia.

Liked it, but also got bored after 10 minutes or so. Not bad for how long it took, and you achieved your goal of giving us a quick fun game.

LunaDrift responds:

it's actually not that quick a game. took me 5 hours last time i tested.

glad you found 10 mins of fun in it though.

now i'm really off to bed. zzzzzz.