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Reviews for "AltSHIFT"


"Durr-hurr I think I'll try to charge people money for a FLASH game on a non-commercial website HURRRRRRR"

Therefore, I'm only treating this as half complete.

You give us half a game? I give you half my intended score.

A great shift game but....

I have a mochi account but i still dont want to pay for a flash game. A good game though. Not great, but good.

Not original at all.

I mean, it's not a bad game, but I've seen games like this before.

I enjoyed it at first.

This game was enjoyable at first. I saw it and was excited to see new shift game. I beat chapter 1 and chapter 2 and then I wondered why I couldn't play chapter 3. I was dissapointed to see one has to pay to finish playing a flash game. Shame on you sir. Games where you have to pay shouldn't be flash games in my opinion. I really did enjoy this game and I'd like to finish it up, but not if I have to pay to play the rest of it.


i like it

this is an awesome puzzle/platform game!

i didn't see any glitches or anything alike, so...to me its perfect