Reviews for "AltSHIFT"

I like this, but not them....

To all you jerks that thinks this is a bad game, screw you, its a demo, and a good side story for shift. I believe that this game is being misjudged just because you people cant take in mind a tribute or a new version of a good game is out. Saying this game is bad is like saying Tom Fulp has no Penis


The game doesn't actually appear to work?

I pressed space to skip the intro animation on stage one, and all I see is 2 borders and an empty white screen. It could be because I don't have the most recent flash player, if so there should be some kind of warning.


*Laughs at the person who called it a rip off of shift* This is from the makers of shift Einstein.

Though I have to agree in that it does kind of feel like a cheap rip off. Although I do like the boxes for new puzzle tools. I don't like the new graphic design of the game. I also miss the taunting prodding 'researcher'. I don't think you needed to try to 'bulk-up' the story. Sad to say but it feels much more contrived than simply being dropped into the situation.

Although I might actually be willing to buy a version of the original shift games with expanded level packs/puzzles etc. I could barely get into this version enough to finish to two level packs that were available to us and wouldn't even consider paying for it. Sorry, but for me this 'update' just didn't feel right, much mroe like a step back than one forward. 3/5 7/10

I laughed.

Great game, but I didn't really enjoy it any more than the SHIFT series. I like the cute characters though. :D
I also agree that it's kinda harsh to unfairly judge because it's a demo.

Oh and, to the guy below me, you should check the creator's other submissions.


Your going to try to charge MONEY for a FLASH on a FREE site? Who do you think'll pay for this? SHIFT is free to play, and miles ahead of this. Seriously, what do you think you're getting at. This game fails.