Reviews for "AltSHIFT"

Voted higher than I would...

Normally I would give this game 4/5 and 8/10 as I didn't enjoy it as much as the old ones.

But since some people are rating it lower just because its demo game, I've decided to rate it higher because I feel its not fair towards developer to judge submission on the fact its a demo.

lol good game

Love that slim jim advertisement, good game

Nothing new.

I haven't rated it down because of the payment scheme, I just couldn't rate it higher when it isn't a full game. After all, I can't be expected to rate something too highly when I completed it in under twenty minutes. This series needs something new beyond the art or it doesn't seem worth bringing out a new one.

Nope that's not right

I'm not going to judge you badly because of the coin system. You created the series is your right to earn money with it.

But please, don't call this improved. The animation is smoother. Good. But the art ain't. I prefered the way it was on the past games.

I played all other shifts. And since Shift 3 the series is lacking something new to the gameplay. AltShift is the same previous 4 packed into a new visual, and not so new story. You said it yourself... like all other stories this is about love...

If you wanna make money with it, upgrade the gameplay. Not just the art.


"Durr-hurr I think I'll try to charge people money for a FLASH game on a non-commercial website HURRRRRRR"

Therefore, I'm only treating this as half complete.

You give us half a game? I give you half my intended score.