Reviews for "AltSHIFT"


I don't know why the others say that they don't like it.I like it a lot

I want the old one back.

I really don't like this version of SHIFT. But before someone yells at me for being against change, let me explain my reasons:

1. The graphics aren't visually appealing. Not only do I not like them, but they cause my computer to lag. You should give us the option to go back to the old graphics.
2. You seem to have run out of ideas. None of your new puzzles were really that hard (at least, for the 3 chapters I played). Even the one you had the skip tutorial in wasn't that hard. Not even frustrating. Oh, and don't get me started on the "Rarrr!!!" level.
3. No timer. The timer has been a staple of the series since the original SHIFT. You can't just take it out.
4. Honestly, I liked the commentary in the old versions (the messages in the background). Their humor was one of the reasons that I played the entire series. Without it, I don't know if I should keep playing.
5. You forgot to mention that you could "invert" by pressing Shift. Oh, and why did you change the action's name from shift to invert? That was just dumb. Especially since the game's called SHIFT.
6. It's bugged. I beat the pipemaze minigame, but I didn't get the medal for it.
7. Pay for it? Really? Are you THAT broke? If you are, then find another source of income. According to your own comments, you knew that people on the Internet generally don't like to pay to play. You asked for it.

All in all, I just don't like it. Technically, you don't even deserve the score I'm giving you. If I took one point off for each of my problems, you would be getting a 3. But, since it's SHIFT (and hopefully so you'll read this), I'll give you a 6. If you have to make a new SHIFT game, put together a players pack from the SHIFT 4 editor. And no, that doesn't mean 6-7 levels. If you need an example, look at Crush The Castle Players Pack. Don't release another game like this one. You've been warned.

I liked it

A lot of people are bashing it for being different, but I like the new thing.

pretty nice

this was released on my birthday

I definitely don't like it.

I want to say some things. I understand that you have worked so much on this (or maybe not) and you have to get money with the mochiads thing. But seriously, I think this Shift edition has ruined the classic game.

I saw that you named it AltSHIFT, so is possible (and I desire) that you will do some day Shift 5, concluding with the story of [SPOILER]the kidnapped family and the evil professor, who wasn't beaten after all, he run away again and again.[/SPOILER]

But, I just... want to tell you, that I think is a horrible idea to make that improved graphics. I don't minuspreciate your work, I assure you I don't want that but...

...this edition breaks up with the style of the previous games, which was simply perfect, black and white, simple gameplay, was... epic. That simplicity made it so awesome.

Man, It's only my opinion, you know what are you doing, but I think you have destroyed the magic and the charming of the series. I will continue following your works but I'll also wait you for some day publishing Shift 5.