Reviews for "AltSHIFT"


I have been a huge fan of your work in the past, and I understand what you are trying to do here, but... no.

not as good as the original ones.

truly, shift is the game that'd risk its rep on sequel shame, just as the song foretold.


you expect to pay for the full version of this stuff?

its really no improvement at all

Why ?

I want the old style back plzzzzz.
I liked the shift series.!

Not a big improvement over previous shift titles.

I, personally, liked the old shift games much better. The art was minimalistic which was quite excellent and the music and gameplay were great. I was really disappointed in this new game.

Graphics: Not an improvement. The character design in the original was a silhouette, but it was more detailed than this stick figure guy. Why you went from a detailed silhouette to a stick figure is completely beyond me. The filter effects that you applies to the terrain and the character would have been much better if they were nonexistent. They're just bad and take away from this game visually.

Gameplay: The levels were no harder than the levels in shift 2 or 3. The new game mechanics though were a nice touch. I liked the idea of the boxes, but the issue I had with them was control.

Control: I don't really like these controls. I prefer that up DOESNT let you jump. It's a bit annoying if it does. I REALLY don't like the fact that you have to push the opposite direction button to pull the box. That's just ridiculous.

Sound: It's okay.

Learning Curve: Waaaaaayyyy to slow.

Story: Stupid and unnecessary,

Overall: No improvement over the old games, in fact the older games were much better. If this game was graphically put into the style of the older games with the addition of the beloved TIMER and witty phrases on the wall that I have come to know and love, and with the reduction of the stupid mochi-coins bullshit, I would have seriously enjoyed this much more.