Reviews for "AltSHIFT"


I agree whit a post below

You can do MUCH better.

Come on, the humor is gone, try to make Shift 6 like Shift 3 except with boxes that you can push. And I liked not having a timer.


While it keeps the basic mechanics of the Shift games, it just... doesn't work. The snarky wall messages are gone, the aesthetic that I enjoyed so much has been completely thrown out, and it's not free anymore. Rather lackluster.

The box-pushing was a nice addition, though.

This... This is shit.

Seriously, The old style is way better than this! Flash games and HD DOESN'T MIX! And the simple games the SHIFT series was was good! No extra elements needed!


What do you think you are doing!? making this such a DOWNGRADE game plus adding this member stuff!? I am a HUGE fan of your creations, mostly SHIFT! but this? this is not even any harder than the other shift! and it's lost it's humor sense of shift! I'm disappointed.
I understand about this... new game mechanics, but this is just bad. so bad. I was about to give this thing a 4 star review, but I think again and I give this six.
really, I request you return the style while still having the new mechanism of pushing stuff. like that. But return the old style, AND no member stuff. I hate that. The old story and humorous shift is better.
GOSH seriosly. I'm disappointed