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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

Fun, well designed

A very fun puzzle game. Here's what I would change:

-Add some background music. Or at least take out that weird fly buzzing sound effect. It sounds like it belongs in a survival horror game, not a puzzle game.

-Why are there fireworks when I lose? I'd take them out.

-Make it easier to view user submitted maps. Maybe you could cycle a "top ten maps" kind of thing.

-Make the green blocks solid. I mean, you can never pass through them, and they aren't exactly hidden. So why should they flash like that?

That's it. Hope you make a sequel!

very nice

Great idea, fun and easy to understand. The only thing I can say in minus is that some of the levels can be completed without using all the arrows, and that some later levels are easier than earlier just like the guy b4 me said. But thats ok, keep up the good work!

Really Fun

Levels 20 and 22 took me a while, but completion felt good. Fun game, it just seems like some of the later levels can be easier then the earlier levels at points.

Not bad, didn't save the princess

Intersting concept, it gets a little boring but the idea is nice as the puzzles are difficult

Awesome game

Liked the switched around concept of the classic idea! very unquie and it shows in the game play, in some levels it can be quite challengeing and the green and red switch levels were a nice touch towards the difficulty. I also enjoyed the clean and smooth graphics and the music and sound effects were great as well :)
Overall: 9/10 good job!