Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

That Was GREAT

Dude you did a freakin good job on that. Though I do think the Xiao Xiao movies are cool. I do get tired of so many stick movies. The animations and everything were great. AWESOME!


good use of ng char. good anmation. keep up the good work


This is a really good post and the series put together looks awsome. The graphics where good as it was a mass of killer stickmen. Over all this is one of the best series' ive ever seen!

but why?

but Pico!

Thank goodness

Okay, I've seen enough "under judgement" movies and some extras to know what you mean by crappy stick figure movies and when I first watched this series (to part 2 at the time) I was happy with it. Stick Slayer VS Xiao Xiao was quite good...

But this series sounded like it was never going to end with a half animated slayer and lots of badly animated sticks... This last one you seem to have made an effort for the sticks' animation.... but 'fully animated' slayer was just simply more squiggly that's all...

My humble opinion is that the idea was great and the first one was original but you killed it and fell into what you are vociferously attacking... (and the episodes after #1 were lets say... a tad bit unoriginal in ideas... monster, fall kills monster, come into reality and launch a nuke... sounds like a bad hollywood film to me...)