Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

The best was saved for last! Well, there was one more and it was the best of all. I loved seeing all the other NG characters. I think this is the first time I saw them like this. I rarely see Mike anymore. Then again, he hasn't appeared in a cartoon in like forever.

The animation was awesome. It just had a great scale of epicness. I love how you make fun of yourself with this. Don't worry, there's plenty of stick flashes that come after this. I'm glad it wasn't the finale and RIP Ben Spurgin.

pretty good

to the guy below me the army of strawberry clocks is an example of fighting fire with fire, or in this case crap with crap

Ends not with a bang but a whimper

Well this is how it ends. In an abrupt fashion much like the original episodes.

It seems like other Portal characters were awkwardly shoehorned into this because, hey why not? and quickly killed off because they're not really part of the series. The appearance of an army of Strawberry clocks is similarly out of the blue and somewhat pointless.

And of course, Stick Slayer ends things the only way he knows how, by blowing stuff up with a nuke. This is of course after a rehash of the giant three eyed stick man from the earlier episodes.

Its such a shame that this series seemed like it had a great nugget of an idea, but wasn't able to fully utilise it in any meaningful kind of way after 7 episodes. Essentially we've had the same story told twice, with little motivation given for either the Stickmen or Stick Slayer as to what is going on. A Shame as this had a lot of potential.


the ending was funny when he said
Um yeah but Stick Slayer are just movies

Stick Slayer RUED

That a good flash movie Ben Spurgin but do need the madness, the Lock Legion, nene and Darnell in the wrokc and it sad when Pico dead but evey whaie 10/10.