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Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

Excellent movie but...

You killed Pico. Seriosuly, i'm not mad BECAUSE you killed pico...im just mad that you killed him off so fast after you took an entire episode to introduce him..Ok, yeah im mad you killed pico. Dude, hes PICO the guy practicly invented gun's in flash. But I do like how you animated all of them, even if you killed off the other flash guys too soon. Great submission, nice riff on the portal there, and excellent cameos. Just next time..don't kill pico

hahahaha good one !!

nice....very nice.. keep 'em coming :P

hahaha...FULLY ANIMATED....

Funny stuff bro. the title of this was by far the funniest. Bout to watch #8. Good choice of musical scores in this one and the ones before it. Hans zimmer is one of the best movie composers I've ever heard...and ya didn't trash his image like some people do on here.


It was ok, and after having watched these past few movies, I realize you are really prejudiced against stick animations. I don't know if you're making a joke out of it, or you're just completely blind to good stick movies. Oh and your voice timing (mainly between Him and Pico) was very off. He was replying to some of the characters before they had finished their sentences and vice versa.

This one was fucking awsome

Good. you changed his voice. + right there

and there was ALOT more action. another + there too

Overall. this one deserves a 10. Good job Ben.